CGCC sharing about credit guarantee schemes and benefits for members of BNI Cambodia

On 21 September 2022, Ms. Pin Manika, Manager of Marketing and Business Development of CGCC, participates as a guest speaker in the weekly meeting of the BNI Cambodia Chapter Brilliant and presents on CGCC’s credit guarantee schemes to more than 30 business owners. 

This sharing session is organized to promote credit guarantee schemes to potential business owners and to provide solutions for them on financial support response to the challenges of lack of collateral when applying for loans.  

Business owners who are BNI Cambodia members are very interested in CGCC’s credit guarantee scheme and enthusiastically ask further questions regarding to the process and conditions of applying for guaranteed loans. Members experienced in successfully requesting guaranteed loans also encourage other members to firstly contact banks or MFIs who are CGCC’s partners in case they need to apply for loans but do not have enough collateral.