How to Become a PFI?

For more details on PFIs application process and requirements, please contact CGCC through the contact information here.

* Note: These all PFIs are active PFI’s of CGCC. 

Development Partners

CGCC is working with various development partners including, ADB, UNCDF, World Bank and others to provide both techincal and financial supports in resolving challenges in the credit market and improving financial inclusion in Cambodia.

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (SME), and large firms

Join us - CGCC

CGCC was established in line with the policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia to support the survival and economic recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic. CGCC provides credit guarantee up to 80% of the total loan amount borrowed by businesses from the Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs), thus reducing the physical collateral required from the borrowers.

Cambodian-owned Micro, SMEs, and large firm (>50% ownership) may approach CGCC or our PFIs (click here : CGCC and PFIs contact).