Portfolio Guarantee Scheme

The Portfolio Guarantee Scheme (PGS) is the credit guarantee scheme offered by the CGCC. PGS is a credit guarantee scheme under which Guaranteed Loan criteria are pre-agreed by CGCC and PFI to enable the PFI to enroll multiple loans in PGS without having to get guarantee approval on each loan from CGCC prior to loan disbursement. PGS is suitable for multiple loans with similar characteristics and for PFIs that are familiar with CGCC and vice versa.

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PGS Scheme Features

PGS Scheme Feature_EN

Loan Criteria

The loan criteria under the PGS are specified in the following example. The loan criteria below are subject to change depending on the actual case of the PGS.

In addition to the below criteria, PFIs shall apply the following criteria based on their credit policy to ensure the creditworthiness of the borrower before disbursing the Guaranteed Loan:

  • Loan Approval Policy
  • Loan Monitoring Policy
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy
Loan Criteria EN

Process Flow of PGS

Process Flow of Porfolio Guarantee Scheme

To apply for this PGS, CGCC and PFIs must sign the Portfolio Guarantee Agreement to agree on, among others, the loan eligibility criteria.

After signing the Portfolio Guarantee Agreement, PFIs shall check the Single Borrower Guarantee Limit (SBGL) with CGCC before enrolling any loans under the PGS.

PFIs shall submit the monthly report to CGCC on each Guaranteed Loan in accordance with the Credit Guarantee Agreement.

Loan recovery and the claim procedure shall be made on a loan-by-loan basis in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in the Credit Guarantee Agreement.

Definition of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Large Firms are defined as below:

PGS General Guidelines