Maybank and CGCC Organise Capacity Building and Capability Workshops for Around 100 SMEs in Cambodia

Maybank, CGCC Organise Capacity Building and Capability Workshops for 100 SMEs

Maybank Cambodia in collaboration with the Credit Guarantee Corporation Cambodia (CGCC) organised two workshops over the last two months to strengthen the capacity and capabilities of over 100 SMEs and financial advisors by providing business insights and knowledge as well as imparting new skills, techniques and technologies to improve their business operations.

The SME Building Capacity & Capability workshops, which were held at the Maybank Tower, provided a platform for networking, giving SMEs opportunities to connect with like-minded peers across industries to develop new insights into building and strengthening their businesses.

Rath Sophoan, CEO of Maybank Cambodia said that the bank understands that SMEs are confronted with increasing difficulties and challenges post-pandemic and have limited access to timely and accurate information as well as the necessary skills to meet the rapidly evolving market to remain competitive and resilient.

“We have introduced a comprehensive programme to help SMEs, which is a strategic and collective initiative that the Bank commits, in addition to the continuous efforts to support them gain access to financial assistance. In line with our mission to Humanise Financial Services and upon the success of our workshops, we plan to organise several more in the future as we see this being beneficial not only to the SMEs but also towards boosting the economy as SMEs are the backbone of the country,” he added.

All entrepreneurs were exposed to various topics including business registration in Cambodia, the importance of financial discipline, branding and digital marketing, as well as the aspects of managing human resources, presented by subject-matter-experts and professionals by law firms, business consultants, advertising agencies and financial institutions.

Wong Keet Loong, Chief Executive Officer of CGCC, said, “Our partnership with Maybank has enabled both parties to help improve financial literacy to build SMEs’ business operations and provide upskilling and growth opportunities to all the participants. These workshops aim to serve as a platform to fuel the SME growth further in Cambodia.”

He further added that Maybank and CGCC will continue to support local SMEs through various means, including financing facilities, business support instruments and technical advisory based on best practices to support SME growth, productivity and innovation, as well as enhance the competitiveness of SMEs.

Credit to: Khmer Times, Published on 23 November 2022