8th Board of Directors Meeting of Credit Guarantee Corporation of Cambodia

On 16 March 2022, CGCC organized the 8th Board of Directors Meeting, under the chairmanship of H.E. Ros Seilava, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and the chairman of the CGCC’s Board of Directors, with the presence of all members of the Board of Directors.

The agendas of this 8th Board of Directors Meeting included: (1) CGCC Progress Report, (2) Women Entrepreneurs Guarantee Scheme, (3) 2021 Audited Financial Statements, (4) CGCC New Office Rental Contract, (5) Amendment to Guidelines on Employees Compensation, (6) Staff’s Bonus and Salary, (7) IT Policy, and (8) Other matters including Bond Guarantee.

CGCC’s Board of Directors Meeting is regularly organized to review, endorse, and approve CGCC’s activities and progress, especially the credit guarantee schemes, to ensure transparency and efficiency of CGCC.