Meet the Business Owner Who Received a Loan Guaranteed by CGCC

Solar Green Energy (SOGE), established in 2008, is a company providing green energy solutions using solar energy to irrigate the crops of Cambodian farmers. Shortly after the establishment, customers began to recognize SOGE and trust our services. I saw the opportunity to expand our business. We have the technology but lack human resources and capital.

I consulted with some banks and microfinance institutions to get additional capital. Because I  didn’t have enough  collateral for the loans, J Trust Royal Bank introduced me CGCC’s credit guarantee service which can guarantee my loan so that the bank can lend me without requiring my collateral. With the credit guarantee, I could get additional capital to build new pumping stations.

SOGE used the loans guaranteed by CGCC to expand the construction of pumping stations in some provinces such as Pursat, Kampong Cham, Kampong Chhnang and Kampong Thom. The stations can irrigate about 1,600 hectares and benefit about 1,000 families.

I think that CGCC’s credit guarantees can really support my business as well as other potential SMEs that lack collateral to get necessary capital from banks or microfinance institutions for their business expansion.

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