The Business Owner Who Received a Loan Guaranteed by CGCC

Agriculture is a key sector in supporting the national economic growth. Rice market also plays an important role in promoting agriculture. Chhun Thom Rice Mill was established in 1997, initially as a family business. After years of operation, customers know the brand and begin to trust our products. I have seen opportunities to expand this business, especially on technologies such as the purchase of additional rice mills and the expansion of the location of the mill.

I was introduced by ABA Bank staff about the loan guaranteed by CGCC which can provide me additional capital even without collateral. Thanks to the credit guarantee from CGCC, I was able to get more capital to expand my rice mill business.

I strongly believe that the CGCC’s credit guarantee really support my business, as well as other potential SMEs that lack collateral to get necessary capital from banks or microfinance institutions for their business expansion.

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